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Selfie Time In...Selfie Time Out

So, this is the plan...

* Download mySelfieTime app thru App Store or Google Play.
* Create your mySelfieTime account and register with your Passcode Key.
* Click check In button and take a selfie and then you are automatically checked in complete with
date, time and location accuracy. The same goes with Check Out procedure.

It’s as easy as Click...Selfie...Check In/Out.

This serves as proof that the person checking in or out is really himself and the accuracy of the location,
date and time cannot be altered thus employees are obiged to be at his supposed to be workplace at the right time.





MySelfieTime offers different subscription plans to fit your needs and requirements. The different subscription plans is accompanied with the number of your mobile registrants. Decide and choose which subscription plan suits you best.
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